Five New Year’s Resolutions to Commit to in 2018

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Hello there, 2018. We’ve been waiting for you and are excited to start fresh in light of the new year. This is the best time to clean your slate and kick old habits that weren’t healthy for you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our team has listed three goals from our resolutions list to help inspire and point you in the right direction.

1.     Be Active

This may sound like the most challenging one, but it’s actually going to be the most fun. You have a million ways to be active around Denver, but we’ve set our minds to hiking once a week. You’ll tone up, get a fresh perspective, and have a great photo opportunity. Trails are accessible all over the city–get out (up) there.

2.     Up the Greens

We’re fortunate to see juice shops popping up around town, just in time for number two on our 2018 resolutions list. Your green smoothie is more accessible than ever and you don’t have an excuse to not treat your body right. We know green smoothies and juices can be bitter, so we recommend pairing them with other fruit juices, especially pineapple. Enjoy slurping down your daily dose of fruit, veggies, vitamin, and minerals.

3.     Unplug

Face it, we’re addicted to always being tuned into the world. It’s reached an unhealthy high as users are glued to their phones, Apple watches, Netflix, and social media. Take the new year to detox from the world online and step away from screens. Whether it’s limiting the amount of time per day or committing to deleting profiles on specific sites, reallocate your time to interacting with loved ones and bettering yourself. 


As you turn your time over to improving your life, also consider getting into the right vehicle to help you achieve your new goals. If you’re wanting to spend more time in the great outdoors hiking and away from your phone, the Jeep Wrangler is the vehicle to get you up the mountain and navigate the backroads. In addition, as you’re sticking to your greens resolution and heading to your local juice shop, the Wrangler will safely get you from A to B through the snow and ice. Our dealership is proud to be the number one Wrangler dealer in Denver and you can see our entire inventory online. Cheers to a 2018 and a new you!
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