How to Prepare Your Jeep for the Fall Season

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Our favorite time of the year in Denver is in full swing and we couldn’t be happier here at LHM Colorado Chrysler Jeep. We love the leaves crunching under our tires and the tops are on our Wranglers for the upcoming cold weather. With the temperature changing, it’s necessary to adapt your Jeep to the new climate. It’s a common misconception that a Jeep can handle anything, but it’s wise to take the precautions and follow our quick guide to keeping your Jeep prepared this fall.



Get your fluids checked out to ensure they’re up to par and topped off. Multiple systems in your ride require fluids, hence it being the number one priority on our list. It’s wise to also keep some back-ups at home when stores are closed—like us—on Sundays. 



Your battery may have no signs of failing, but as soon as the first cold front rolls through Denver it can go kaput. This is one thing you’ll want working during this haunting season when there are spooky creatures roaming the streets. You can get a routine checkup on it and make sure the fluids are all full as mentioned above.



It’s getting darker faster and you’re going to be using your headlights a few extra hours each day. Check your wiring and have spare bulbs; you’ll thank us for this suggestion later.


Wiper Blades

This is probably the least expensive task you can complete for getting your Jeep ready for fall. Get new ones now before it starts snowing and it’s too difficult to attach a new pair.



Bald tires aren’t going to help anyone. We live amongst mountains and nature, neither of which are easy to maneuver through once cold sets in and snowstorms are a normal part of our days. Get your cold weather wheels sooner rather than later.



No one wants to be caught in stop-and-go traffic during a storm with brakes in poor condition. Again, make sure there are no leaks with your fluids and check that your brake hoses are still in working condition with no cracks.


With a new season comes new responsibility. It’s easy to get distracted by stunning mountain drives through the changing leaves, but your Jeep is going to need some extra TLC this time of year. We know we gave you a hefty laundry list of items to check up on which isn’t always an inexpensive task, so let us help. We mentioned the importance of having cold weather tires and we’re offering to give you your fourth tire for only $1 when you purchase three*. Treat your Jeep right and protect yourself and others on our Denver roads with a new set of wheels. Claim this coupon online and start prepping your Jeep for the colder weather ahead. 

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