Five Quick Tricks to Keep Your Car Clean

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You spend all day at work and all night with your family. The last thing you want to do is come home and clean your car in the driveway or wait in line at a car wash. Your vehicle’s maintenance isn’t exactly at the top of your to-do list. However, if you do a few things every now and then, it won’t build up and you won’t have to spend hours cleaning your car one evening. We’ve listed a few chores you can do here and there to prevent a messy Jeep.


With a Jeep, chances are you’re going on a lot of adventures and your interior takes the brunt of it. Olive oil can be used to polish the leather on your dashboard and center console.


If your furry friend is your usual shotgun rider, this results in shedding and fur everywhere. No one wants to ride in the Jeep where they leave covered in more hair than when they got in. This can easily be solved with a squirt bottle full of water and a squeegee. Just vacuum up the fur once you’ve scraped it all up.


Did you know your floor mats can go in the washing machine? Take them out of your Jeep, spray your mats with stain remover, and throw them in your washing machine. If you aren’t a fan of the machine, but still want clean mats, you can scrub them by hand with upholstery cleaner. After you’ve been out jeepin’ your mats get dirty, but they don’t have to stay that way. Keep up on easy maintenance like this to ensure your mats don’t leave a stench in your ride.


Even if you keep your ride clean on the inside, that doesn’t mean it’s in working order. You still have to ensure it’s getting the necessary services. With our current prepaid maintenance and oil change package, you’ll receive three oil changes, three multi-point inspections, and three tire rotations all within one year. You can claim this coupon online and get your Jeep into our service department at Larry H. Miller Colorado Chrysler Jeep today. Let us take care of the hard stuff, you focus on keeping the interior clean. 

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