Three Destinations for You to Visit on Your Summer Vacation

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The summer is here, and that leaves some of us wanting to run away from our responsibilities and chase the sunshine. Sometimes an escape during this busy season is just what you need. Luckily, Denver is an accessible city with surroundings that are easy to navigate. We’ve got a few recommendations for a quick vacation this summer to get your feel of the warmer months.


This is not a location strictly for ski season. This spot is a four-hour car drive away to a nature wonderland. You can spend your days hiking, shopping at local spots, and enjoying the great outdoors while taking a mental break from work.


Southern Utah

If you’re looking for a complete change of scenery, try leaving the state! Southern Utah has the heat, hiking, and those stunning arches you just can’t find in Colorado. Treat yo’ self to a carefree vacation full of red rocks and some heat. Then return home with a tan.


Vancouver, Canada

Leaving the state not far enough for you? Try hopping the border. Go big or go home and head to Canada. Vancouver is a cosmopolitan destination where you can leave every worry behind in the States for this vacation. You’ll still have the taste of the outdoor adventure like home, but being in a new place can change your perspective.


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