Three Tips for a Tidier Jeep and Happier Commute

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We’re already a couple seasons into 2018, and life is busy. There’s never enough time, yet there are chores you have to keep up on—like a tidy ride. When your vehicle isn’t clean, your life tends to be a bit messy as well. You can’t slow things down, but you can make sure they run a little smoother, and this starts with your ride. Follow our few simple car care tips below.


Magic Eraser

No fear, your youngsters and their crumbly crackers won’t wreck your ride anymore. A Magic Eraser will quickly clean sticky messes off of your leather and vinyl interior. Just make sure to rub gently because you don’t want to damage your interior.


Foam Brush

Head to a local craft store and purchase a small inexpensive foam paint brush. This is a great tool to dust between the air vents in your Jeep. Inhaling dust doesn’t have to be part of your day—easily take care of the dusty vents now.


Grocery Bag

Next time you unpack your groceries, save one of your plastic bags. Keep it in your Jeep for your empty water bottles, granola bar wrappers, and other trash you would usually just throw in your backseat. Tidy your car and tidy your life. Just like that, things will feel more organized and less messy.



Dirt can get into every crevice of your ride, and a toothbrush can get the dirt out of your car’s vinyl interior. Use dish soap, diluted water, and a manual toothbrush to gently scrub away dirt in your ride. Trust us, it will do the trick. Bonus tip: you can also use a dry toothbrush to get crumbs out of the seams of your seat cushions.


Although we’ve given you some great tips to keep your ride in tip-top shape, some vehicles are just too far gone for our DIY tricks. In this case, head to our site and browse our new inventory. Here at Larry H. Miller Colorado Chrysler Jeep, we’re right on the corner and right on the price. You can find us at 350 South Havana Street, Aurora, CO 80012. Come in, find the ride you like, and take a test drive today—we hope to see you in soon!

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