Brake Repair

Front & Rear Brake Repair at Larry H. Miller Colorado Jeep

The brakes of your Jeep are made of an intricate series of parts. When one needs replacement, you can schedule brake repair at Larry H. Miller Colorado Jeep. Typically, we will include brake inspections among your 30K/60K/90K scheduled service, but if you detect any issues before or after the fact, you can schedule an immediate appointment. After all, brakes represent a critical point of service for your safety.

What Parts Make Up Your Front & Rear Brakes?

Your braking system comes equipped with an intricate series of parts, and not all will wear down at the same rate. The brake pistons and calipers might last longer than the brake pads, which ultimately see the most action. Brake pads should undergo replacement once every 30,000 miles or so, but you should also keep an eye on brake fluid. When in doubt, pop the hood and see what the reservoir says. Brake fluid can also run dry, so routine maintenance is a necessity.

How Can You Prevent Issues with Your Brakes?

Aside from routine maintenance, other daily habits can preserve the lifespan of your brakes. You should, most importantly, release the brake pedal whenever possible in stopping the vehicle gradually, rather than keeping your foot on the brake and "riding." Avoiding riding brakes helps them cool down a bit more, thus preserving the pads and the fluid. You should also keep your commute in mind. If frequent stopping occurs, you may wish to change your route or driving habits.

Schedule an Appointment for Brake Service Today!

When your front or rear brakes need repair, we invite you to schedule an appointment at Larry H. Miller Colorado Jeep. Our technicians know the brand best and only use genuine MOPAR® parts when maintaining this essential part of your vehicle. Visit us today!



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