Shopping for Mopar parts for your vehicle has never been easier. Our auto parts team at Larry H. Miller Colorado Jeep is trained to know what makes your Jeeps tick, meaning we can locate the part you need without breaking a sweat.

Our Parts Department is 3,800 Square feet with an inventory of $600,000 in parts, including Jeep accessories and lift kits among other various branded items.

As for how we can save you money:
  • Colorado Jeep regularly posts new auto parts specials specifically tailored to the needs of drivers from Denver metro area, as well as Centennial and Littleton. 
  • The part you're looking for just might be on sale.
  • The only thing better than finding what you're looking for is finding it at a lower price than you thought it would be.

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Or, if you prefer a more direct form of interaction, come see us in person on the corner of Alameda and Havana, at 350 S Havana St, Aurora, Colorado today.
What is an OEM part?
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM parts are designed and engineered for a specific model car.
  • OEM Mopar Jeep parts are manufactured by the car's original maker to be the exact same type of part that your car came with when you purchased it from the dealership.
What is an After-Market Part?
  • Aftermarket parts, or non-OEM parts are made by third party companies.
  • They are built with respect to OEM standards but lacks the certainty of having the exact same quality as the original parts your car came with.
What is the difference between Jeep Mopar OEM parts and After-Market Parts?
  • OEM Mopar parts are generally more expensive than third-party parts.
  • Non-OEM products are relatively cheaper.
But What are the Pros and Cons?
  • You think you got a good deal purchasing a cheaper part until you plug it in and find out the quality is cheap as well.
  • You think you saved money until you see  the frequency you may need to replace the parts more often, you may find you are spending as much as if you were buying proven and tested OEM parts that lasts longer.
  • You will realize when it comes to choosing between OEM and non-OEM, price vs. value doesn't always match up.
  • parts are guaranteed quality products.
  • Jeep Parts OEM are manufactured for your car to be sure to fit it's exact specifications.
  • The vast assortment of aftermarket parts can be a good thing and a bad thing.
  • If you're a auto mechanic and have an eye for quality products you pick out what's best your car.
  • Do it your selfers tend to look at the wrong details.
  • OEM Jeep Mopar parts are uniform products, and you can be assured it's the best fit for your Jeep.
  • OEM parts are usually sold only at Mopar dealers or by using the Mopar Parts Catalog and ordering from the Parts.
  • Non-OEM parts are available at auto stores, online, or even junk shops.
  • When replacing internal engine parts always use OEM-certified products.
  • Better to be safe than sorry: A penny saved is a penny earned.


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