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leasing benefits in denver
advantages of leasing a car in Denver
lease advantages in Denver
There are pros and cons to leasing but for many shoppers leasing is a more convenient option that minimizes monthly payments and eliminates many of the
headaches that come with ownership.
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The growing trend for buyers, especially millennials, in the market for a new car is to lease. With 30% of buyers choosing to lease it may be time for you too!
As the leasing percentage steadily climbs more and more buyers are realizing the most prominent benefits:
  1. Lower gas prices at the pump not only decreases the cost to own, but also makes it possible for you to lease a larger car for the family.
  2. Lower lease payment. The monthly payment from retail to a lease can vary as much as $120-$170 per month.
  3. New technological advancements happen with every model year. Whether it is a design element, the latest advancement in fuel economy, or more importantly a safety feature proven to provide greater assurance to protect your family on the road.
Advantages and Tips on Leasing a Car
  1. Once you use it-- you can lose it. Consider your car is just like machinery to get you from point A to point B. Therefore why own a car when all you want to do is use it?
  2. Deals are to be had on Leases. You will almost always find a better deal with a lease.
  3. It's ok to love a certain car, but love the deal more. Look for a car that the manufacturer deems to have a higher residual value at the end of a lease, and get that value locked in when you sign the leasing documents.
    Keep in mind that expensive cars tend to offer better lease deals than cheaper cars, because they retain more of their value at the end of the lease, and the higher the residual value, the lower your lease payments.
  4. Why own a piece of machinery that is a depreciating asset? It's only going down in value. The shorter the lease the better, you can get out of it before there are issues not covered under warranty or if the model goes through a design change. Also a shorter lease allows you to get newer vehicles more often.
  5. A lease protects you from a change in market conditions. For instance the future value of a car may depreciate faster due to supply and demand, or even bad economic conditions. With a lease the residual value is locked in at the time of signing of the lease documents. You will always know what your car will be valued at when your term comes to an end.
  6. Take advantage of tax deductions if the leased vehicle is used for business purchases. If you own the car you are limited to claiming $.54 per business mile. Example $.54 multiplied by 10K miles equals $5,400  and the interest on your loan. With a leased vehicle, that is used 100% for business, you can write off 100% of the lease payments without any limits.
  7. Get in and get out with a lease. The ease of leasing promotes loyalty and repeat purchases so it is in a dealer and manufacturer best interest to make everything quick and easy.
  8. Keep your money more fluid. A lease is generally less money down and a lower payment. You may even find some offers that do not require a down payment at all.
  9. Never worry about selling your car outright or trading your car in. You simply turn the vehicle in at the end of the lease. As long as there is no damage or excessive wear and tear or mileage you are off the hook.
  10. There are 4 Options you have at the end of the lease: Buy or lease a new Jeep, Purchase your Jeep at it's per-determined value, extend your lease, or return your leased vehicle.
Get more for your money, and save on your monthly lease payment!

Leasing a Jeep in Denver is a quick and easy process. Our experienced team of Leasing Specialists will get you in and out the door with a new Jeep TODAY!

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