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Air Conditioning Service at Larry H. Miller Colorado Jeep

As with any other part of your car, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system of your Jeep needs maintenance every so often. In a typical air conditioning service appointment, we open up the vents to make sure the system is free of excess dust, moisture, and leaks. We'll swap out worn-down parts and top off refrigerant as needed, all using genuine MOPAR® parts. The service center at Larry H. Miller Colorado Jeep is the best place to take a new or used Jeep for air conditioning service in the Aurora, CO area.

Keeping Your Air Conditioner Maintained for Comfort

The air conditioning system is made of an intricate series of parts. Air comes in from the outside, and the AC filters out dirt and dust particles. It pumps the air with refrigerant as needed to keep things comfortable for you in the cabin.

Around 15,000-20,000 miles, the cabin air filter will come due for replacement, so our techs can inspect the HVAC system as a whole around that time. If they find any signs of leaking refrigerant, depleted fluid, or other forms of damage, they will repair them with genuine MOPAR® parts.

Your air conditioner and ventilation system serve as more than simple comfort regulators. The air conditioner can function as a dehumidifier to keep excess condensation off the windshield. However, an increase in moisture throughout the air conditioning system can result in mold. This in turn causes a persistent musty smell in the car. As the cabin filter or tubes of the AC become clogged, they can cause a lack of airflow overall.

Schedule an Air Conditioning Service Today

When the air conditioning system of your Jeep needs replacement parts or service, schedule an appointment with us. We'll see you soon at Larry H. Miller Colorado Jeep in Aurora, CO.



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